Rebranding startuplifers

Revamping the visual identity

Startuplifers is a non-profit organization on a mission to bring together Nordic talent and startups in Silicon Valley. 

Launching new programs and a new chapter of sorts, they felt that Startuplifers needed a new visual identity to mirror the new, fresh Startuplifers 2.0.

Taking the old and using it in a new way

Startuplifers visual identity is made of strong illustrations and colors, used in a fun way. Throughout the years the visual identity has lived along with the current teams and struggled to stay consistent. 

We took the best shapes and simplified it down to a set of illustrations to be combine, introduced a modern monospaced font and chose to focus on only the Startuplifers red and counter it with the ocean turqoise. 

Complementing those two main colors with black, grey and white gives us a fresh and clean visual identity that feels like a revamped, more serious look and feels like a California breeze (I’d imagine). 

A holistic social media strategy

The team had a clear idea of what their primary content pillars for social media were and how they wanted to up their Instagram game. Together with the team we developed models for reusable video templates for the team to consistently post job openings, inbound content and Startuplifer alumnus’ stories. To create the good-looking, professional grid we planned the use of graphics and colors in a consistent way: this is the key to a kick-ass Instagram feed

Bringing the freshness to the WWW

We did a light retouch of the website by tweaking the images, fonts and colours on the site. 

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