Rebranding Ilo

Rebranding the iconic vegan company Ilo

Visual identity
Web design and development

Ilo is a veteran in the field of Finnish vegan and plant-based food that was founded in 2003. Their most established product must be their hummus, with the sky blue lid that every Finnish hummus-buyer has surely seen on the shelf in the grocery store.

With the climate conscious plant based trend growing with no end in sight, Ilo wanted to update their visual identity to appeal to the younger masses.

I designed their new visual identity constituting of typography, colors and illustration that stands out and looks fresh, while maintaining Ilos happy spirit.

Visual identity

The visual identity consists of rich, naivistic illustrations, a sympathetic grotesque font (Galano) and warm, happy colors. 

We chose to show the products as illustrations. The packaging is simple and the different flavors are differentiated by different colored lids, so the illustrations fit right into the style rather than combining illustration with photography.  


As Ilos most prevalent social media channel, we have put a lot of effort into their Instagram presence by hyping up the new visual identity before launch, treating the followers to their own Ilo screensavers and creating small animations to brighten Ilos feed.

My friend Danskueats started taking photographs for Ilos social media, which coupled with my illustrations make a fresh and awesome looking feed, one of the coolest ones in the Finnish vegan food scene, I’d say. 

Trade shows, awards and lots of more to come

From the beginning of the rebranding project we have created booth designs for (among others) the Anuga food fair in Köln, Vegemessut in Helsinki, and upcoming is the Organic Food & Beverage trade show that is held in South Korea.

Ilo also won the Public Favorite prize at Organic Awards with the fun, visual presentation we had made.

Photos by Danskueats