Startuplifers campaign design

Campaign design for Startuplifers

Campaign concept & Graphic design

Digital agency Kokku is a long-time creative partner of the non-profit organization Startuplifers. They help to connect Finnish students and alumnus with cool startups in Silicon Valley, benefiting both.

Lifers came to us with a wish for a campaign that would appeal to designers and developers in addition to the business students who are their usual applicants. I got to create the campaign together with  Startuplifers’ communication team and the result is a clever new way of utilizing their brands’ visual elements, that will hopefully stand out to the students.

The emphasis in designing the campaign was on easy implementation across all platforms by the team themselves; both print and digital.

We accomplished this by defining an extensive book of campaign guidelines along with a series of all necessary template files from posters and table tents and Instagram stories and social media banners. 

This was my first go at designing a whole campaign, and it was interesting navigating a distinguishable campaign brand identity  while maintaining the main brands’ integrity. Not being part of the brand implementation itself required guidelines that encompassed everything I could imagine would be needed to result in a campaign that is clear, easily understandable and isn’t confused with the main brand.