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Hi there, I'm


I'm Camilla and I love creating stuff.

I really enjoyed making this assignment. However, it’s always a challenge to figure out how to tell about oneself. So below you can find my room that tells who I am, career history of what I’ve done and even a glimpse into my future. Then you ought to have some idea, at least.

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I dabble in some casual everyday witchery and enjoy my crystals and incense every now and then. 

In 2015 I spent five months working in a guesthouse on a Cambodian island. I had a dog there named Dylan Doyle. I miss him so much, more than any humans to be honest. And I met some good ones there, too.

I have a couple of acrylic paintings waiting to be finished, not to mention all the ideas I have in line. So much to paint, so little time… (and yet I often find myself laying in bed scrolling through the internet)

I usually remember most of my dreams. It’s very cool to roam literally inside one’s mind; my dreams are often water-themed, and take place on murky lakes or water parks, depending on how I’ve been feeling.

Some people rock climb, some people sky dive, but I love sitting at my desk. Whether on my computer or drawing, it’s where I go into my zone, ever since I was a kid. 

I’m trying to learn tattooing. So far I’ve only managed to make some scribbles on my ankle… In real life I don’t leave the machine out like that either.

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