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Hi there, I'm


I'm Camilla and I love creating stuff.

It’s always a challenge to figure out how to tell about oneself. That’s why I created this page! So below you can find my room that tells who I am in the year of 2019, what I’ve done and even a glimpse into my future. Then you ought to have some idea, at least.

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I dabble in some casual everyday witchery and enjoy my crystals and incense every now and then. 

In 2015 I spent five months working in a guesthouse on a Cambodian island. I had a dog there named Dylan Doyle. I miss him so much, more than any humans to be honest. And I met some good ones there, too.

I have a couple of acrylic paintings waiting to be finished, not to mention all the ideas I have in line. So much to paint, so little time… (and yet I often find myself laying in bed scrolling through the internet)

I usually remember most of my dreams. It’s very cool to literally roam inside one’s mind; my dreams seem to often be water-themed and take place on murky lakes or water parks, depending on how I’ve been feeling. Mostly it’s just weirdness that doesn’t make any sense, though. 

Some people rock climb, some people sky dive, but I love sitting at my desk. Whether on my computer or drawing, it’s where I go into my zone, ever since I was a kid. 

I’m trying to learn tattooing. So far I’ve only managed to make some scribbles on my ankle… In real life I don’t leave the machine out like that either.

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