Visual identity design

Beana is a new and sustainable Finnish pet wear brand that has rethought the market of pet wear – they can be beautiful as well as functional!

Designed in Finland and manufactured in Europe, the first drop of winter jackets and rain coats are embellished with fun designs by Finnish designers. 

I had the pleasure to design the visual identity and take part in the development of the brand. It has been a pleasure to see the shaping that has taken place of this newcomer to the vast market of pet brands. 

We put a big emphasis on high quality social media templates as Instagram is the main platform for Beana to build brand awareness. Colorful, visual and happy are key words for all communications we do.

I used Canva to create a set of easy-to-use templates for the team to create content and ads themselves.

The symbols of the logo come from Beana's fivefold philosophy.

The colors symbolise the CMYK colors that create the multitude of prints and patterns Beana has.